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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 13, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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good evening everyone love us in the air but you never know it because of the bitter cold. >> we are bracing for the cold. we've got advisories. that is for ashtabula county. that's not to say it you won't see accumulated snow outside the
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it's just not going to rise. you might be a little more problematic than it would be in and around the snow belt but the wind chill advisory definitely is an issue. look for rising probabilities. going into ashtabula county. we are currently seeing temperatures slightly that is no surprise because the arctic front came through at 6:00 with a very heavy squall. you can see it is sliding off to the east. now are starting to see the lake effect bands. we have three distinctive bands that are showing up. there will be more shifting around.
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we will have details coming up. >> the blast was brief but the snow that made its way through making tricky traveling for lots of people. >> while many are seeing a break from the snow none of us will escape the bitter cold. >> people we spoke to today say they plan to stay inside as much as possible. there are some people who have to spend out sometime outside regardless of the weather. >> had a burst of snow brought drivers across northeast ohio to a crawl at the till and a friday evening's rush hour included
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>> i am ready to head south. >> for the latest winter blast is ushering in dangerously cold temperatures with when sales dipping below zero over the weekend. >> as long as you keep moving you can stay warm. these workers with the cleveland water department don't have the luxury of avoiding though bitter cold temperatures could we caught up with them repairing a water main in strongsville. they say over the years they have learned to dress for the weather whatever does. >> i have on insulated rubber boots are they are still told for safety. plus our safety equipment so we can be seen when a traffic. >> but those who can't avoid the weather say they are going to
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day weekend inside. we are having a valentine party at our church for all of the widows so keep them safe and keep them warm. >> i like it. i can stare out the window and watch us know. i asked the water department employee we talk to if he preferred freezing temperatures or hot weather and he said he prefers hot weather. of course we will ask him again in july and august and asked if he has the same answer. >> new tonight a former high school football sort is arrested after an armed robbery in east cleveland picked please tell us he was caught robbing a family dollar store. lou maglio has the story for us to this was one of the best at glenville.
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glenville. he finished a state runner-up in football. he had many scholarship offers and decided to run track at university of miami could that came after he verbally committed to play football at three different schools are he did not stay eligible at miami and transferred to two different community colleges before returning to cleveland picked he had hoped to bounce back at notre dame college but now police are identifying him as a person who robbed stepfamily dollar in east cleveland they tell us that happened around 1230. he was captured about 15 minutes later but many people consider him to be one of the top recruits in the entire country that was just a few years ago. >> what a shame. thank you. that's a college freshman killed in a deadly shooting and robbery will be laid to rest this weekend.
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respects. the neighborhood did something very special. we have more on this incredible show of support. >> and overwhelming show of support on this tragic story brick the family and neighbors have lived in the same area for decades the knicks murder is very personal to them and upsetting to everyone. as night they gathered to express their sympathies in a simple but compelling way surrounding the family with love and light. >> wanding middle lane with luminaries for a young man who could light up any room. >> he was always hilarious. he was always just a goofy kid, always having a good time. >> nicholas grew up on this street. for neighbors aren't just friends, they are family. >> everyone is heartbroken. >> especially about half-dozen
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who also went to penn state university. somewhere on campus when they got the news. >> it was unreal. i never thought that would be something that would happen to someone we knew that police say the kent state restaurant was fatally shot last sunday during a home invasion at a friends house. sick they have already offered their support. friday night they needed to do something special. while the family was at his calling hours they put out over 100 luminaries for not even a snowstorm could stop them. they also tied pride women on trees and stop signs. neighbors say they know this weekend will be extremely difficult for his family but they want them to see that they will always have their support and love at home. >> there are no words to comfort
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nothing really we can do, but if a small little thing gives them a bright spot, that's how we wanted. >> nick will be laid to rest on saturday and count has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses and burial expenses. two teenagers had been arrested and charged in connection with his death the police are still looking for the third suspect. suspect it is nice to see that the family is getting so much support. >> we are learning more about the mysterious death of a mansfield woman who police believe was murdered by her neighborhood back into like patsy hudson filed a police report same way for cats was poison and another celtic that was the last stage with sina liebeck authorities held a news conference about her disappearance. her remains were found in several different locations but they are still waiting for
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two of her neighbors are being held on theft charges. police think they may be involved in her death as well. >> that community has not seen such a call calculated and depraved crime in some time. as the investigation is ongoing, the prosecutor's office still does not have the entire criminal file and likely will not have it for some time. >> the defendants are due back in court soon. the fox8 i-team goes looking for answers. >> i'm here to ask you about your arrest. >> seem to happen will week, but in a city administrator who is still on his job despite another arrest. >> and tonight we're learning more about a suspect in a machete attack. >> did a teacher takes things to bother a hidden video that sparks outrage for what she said
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school is defending her.
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the kitchen and make it fun and warm. divan. right now the heaviest band behind it is in the dainik county. there are a few others that are
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these bands will shift and eventually start to focus a little more on ashtabula county where they have the lake effect snow warnings and advisories for lake geauga county. 18 degrees right now but it doesn't feel like that. it feels like zero. it feels like two in cleveland. arctic winds have arrived. lake effect snow showers will begin to get more focused during the early morning hours. the average flow is about five. tomorrow i think we will be most of the time we will be in the single digits. and most of the time was the windchill temperatures above zero. lake effect will continue into northeast but it will be mixed with plenty of sun.
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target. >> still the calm, catching a cheater. >> how northeast ohioans are taking big steps and shelling out a lot of money to keep a close eye on their significant other. >> later is worth high school hoops and what alan iversen said
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it's being called a cessation of hostilities the fighting. long enough to allow humanitarian aid to enter the country and it may be the first step toward a permanent solution. >> what we have here are words on paper and what we need to see in the next few days our actions on the ground. >> the five-year war in theory has artie killed thousands and millions of refugees have fled to other countries the russia says it will continue to launch airstrikes against isis and other terror groups within syria.
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please say to 15 -year-old girls were shot and killed in what now appears to be a murder suicide. both students are female for a note was found near the scene of the shooting which happen to the school's cafeteria area. the school was placed on lockdown in mean really after the fatal shots were fired as nervous parents rushed to the scene. >> tromp once again talking boards with ted crews. trump threatened to sue ted crews for not being a natural born citizen and he also accused him of being a cheater but he also question the sincerity of his faith and ted cruz's campaign responded by calling outbursts a temper tantrum. chelsea clinton will be in cleveland to support her mother's campaign. we just learned that she will attend a town hall for about 100 senior citizens. the event starts at noon in tulsa is expected to take the stage about 1:00.
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fox8 .com. >> a historic day for the leaders of the roman catholics. pope francis met with world leaders today. he asked though world to protest persecuted christians. tonight pope francis is in mexico for his first visit to that country. >> still ahead culture clash in a local 911 call. >> you're talking to the willoughby police department. it's in the cracks. >> no. it will be ohio six how a man who lives thousands of miles away ended up calling local police for help. >> a night to shine, prom with a
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the cdc is one of three churches in northeast ohio hosting a special needs from thursday night we are poorly with a foundation simultaneously hosted in 48 states and seven countries. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> christine boiler and her daughter courtney said the day picking out a dress and getting her hair and makeup done but it's an awesome experience for something all kids usually get to do but something a special kids needs kids don't get to do so it's really special.
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spotlight as they received a crown or a tear or because they all kings and queens. >> i want to be a dancer and it's awesome. i love it here a lot. >> under the party life of the flashing disco ball, these special needs attendee truly shine. it was a night to remember. >> the foundation wants to take a valentine's day and make it a into a celebration that god loves all people. >> there are so much a joy. that's one thing we learned as parents, these kids create joy in so much gratitude for everyone that they're serving, it's amazing. >> cuyahoga valley church is one of three churches here in northeast ohio the hosted a night to shine the other locations were garfield and first christian church in
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>> as the word gets out next year even more in the area. what a perfect night. >> a shocking attack inside a columbus restaurants that tonight we're learning more about the man who went on a rampage with the machete. >> and a presidential candidate
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cleveland city administrator in cover the trouble with the law again. tonight the i-team wants to know why he she is still on the job. >> a warning to apple users why resetting your iphone or ipad to a certain date could crash the gadget for good. >> andre will let you know when
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freeze. >> there are questions tonight about a city of cleveland boss who is in trouble with the law for a second time. >> are i-team reporter confronted a city administrator in an effort to get some answers >> are you mr. stevens? six yes. how are you doing? six i don't care about the policy, i am here to ask you about your arrest. >> the men in blue trying to brush off the it. interviews a pseudo- city officials are supposed to go to the mayor's office but we want to ask about this please report tuesday brunswick hills arrested him and charged him with domestic violence. >> again as you know, it's not about the policy. >> the policy isn't going to explain your actions. >> as you know, you know about the policy. i would be happy to answer any
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in and abide by the policy. >> diedrich stevens works as cleveland commissioner of lights is and assessments and his office collects these for cab licenses, admission taxes, parking tax and much more. the city says last year that office took in more than $37 million and stevens earned more than $101,000 the meantime found that city admits her on-the-job still coming to work here at city hall and we wondered why especially just days after something as serious as an arrest in a domestic case. >> some fact there do city hall expect administrators to be held to higher standards. >> they should be primary examples of what they preach. >> you also got arrested in 2013. >> a 2013 please report shows stevens was caught in a sting
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would do a program to have his record clean. and here and walked away from the i-team and into a restroom. >> records show stevens will defend himself in court later this month or if there is any city hall punishment that could come after the court case, he remains on the job. >> that we are learning more about the man with the machete who walked into a columbus restaurant and started attacking people. four people were hurt before a police officer shot and killed a man. lou maglio is here with more. >> investigator did not think i sincerity in a terror group was behind the attack but they're looking into this as was called a lone wolf terror attack for someone who commits an attack in support of a group or movement. the men stormed the business. authorities are stuttering whether or not the restaurant
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belief that the owner was jewish that's according to cnn. the owner did tell a columbus newspaper that he came in about half an hour before the attack and asked about him. local police asked the fbi to help with the investigation. it appears to be a random attack. >> based upon the nature of the assault will we see around the country and internationally, we thought it was prudent to bring our federal partners in to look at this from the beginning. this individual walked in and at that time was by himself. the best thing for us to do is bring it anyone who can help with the investigation. so they have the same information that we do moving forward since one of the injured is in critical condition tonight but stable and two other victims are stable. police are releasing some information about the man he is a native of somalia with a
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use. lolita say there's been an increase in the number of people buying a powerful painkiller known as sentinel. nineteen people died from the drug overdoses. many of the victims thought they were buying a less potent drunkard police need your help to identify a breaking and entering suspect. last week the men broke into the family dollar on north arlington street. any most information should call akron police. there are two more cases of zika virus in ohio. >> confusing moments for please him will be when they took a
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their jurisdiction. >> this is the willoughby police department. >> in sydney? >> no. it will be ohio. >> in the united states. >> that's why. that's why i didn't recognize it. >> the man from the sydney suburb of willoughby austria somehow managed to call police at willoughby ohio brick he was concerned about rate is at his local bowling club it is still not clear how the internet calling the united states but the men in of having a pleasant conversation about the weather. >> tomorrow hundreds of people in downtown cleveland will be wearing as as possible. if the underwear run. it's a 1 mile fun run. it was very little clothing is
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proceeds go to fight ms. the run will go on his fight of the cold. >> we work with our police and ems team to make sure everybody is having a fun to say time. is about being brave, going out in the cold. >> is only a mile. >> the lake effect snow which he is firing up once again. here's andre with a look at the radar. >> one of the tools is the web cameras. this is one of them from the month 5-mile crip. it's three and a half miles there for you all okay let's see the city of skewered from view although in the last three hours not too much of that has occurred.
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south. the concerted focus spans haven't really started to gel just yet. that will take some time. once the arctic air has arrived and become more step establishment let's look underneath and go back to 430 this afternoon. that's when we were seeing this writing here. it's going to give us about a 20 minute blast of snow and that it did and move through. it's still somewhat visible in here. you can see the bands are beginning to pool not only here but also off of lake michigan. the two most distinct bands are coming in from sandusky. down now south styles of my dinah and into green.
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look at this would this trace is coulter now we are back on the downward site. we will end up with five tonight plus or minus a few. the arctic winds are here. the snow showers will be more concentrated towards ashtabula. cleveland feels like two and zero in akron canton. tomorrow will be the coldest winter day of the year. we are not the cold core target. that will head in this direction as we see the lake effect snow shower mix with sound. sunday we will quit with the snow but we will be cold at 18.
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bit. they're still just about as steady as we could see. coastal areas and new york city are at 4 degrees below zero. thursday looks nice club partly ly sunny and 38. that's normal for we could see some rain showers on friday and 48 before we see another cool down on saturday. a lot of variety in this forecast but obviously major concern windchill factors and lake effect snow for ashtabula county. not a good day to travel northeast tomorrow fox8 is your official school closing station.
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your phone and on air. >> this valentine's day somebody's ohioans are paying big money to keep an eye on their significant other. a look at the tools a local private detective uses to catch cheaters. >> a shocking seeing a first grade classroom a teacher yells at a student and tears up her
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ototovp?0;^ valentine's day is great if your you love but what if your better half is the love with someone else that lorrie taylor says it's never been easier to catch a cheating heart and the evidence is undeniable. >> this tale tell signs of a t cells can be universal. the laptop that closes as soon as you into the room a cell phone with a deleted history. >> but wayward husbands and wives may not realize is their high-tech toys could tell a story. >> you can get any fee you can imagine. >> integrity investigations understand their language. >> their summary digital devices phones, tablet, computers that can last ten years can store ridiculous amounts of
1:40 am
examiner. >> and allows a private investigator or law enforcement to get a really good interview of the subjects mind. >> he is a software that allows him to search cell phones and computers to recover information that's been deleted sometimes from years ago. >> i get a phone line client and make was called an image which for all intensive purposes is just a copy a bit for bit copy. >> he has all he need inside this case to search every cell it's costly technology which is why he won't find a lot of private investigators. >> if he can't put a price on love but you can get a quote to catch a cheating spouse.
1:41 am
from eight to $1,200. >> you really had to understand his work isn't cheap if indeed you can put a price on the chart on the truth. >> a political ad is getting a lot of attention. >> not because of his crashes. why one of the actors in the ad
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a teacher at a brooklyn charter school is under fire tonight for a video showing her parading a first grader in front of a class >> there is nothing that irritates me more then when you don't do an assignment on paper. come up and show me how to get her answer. >> that hidden camera recorded by an assistant teacher who said she was tired of seeing the children treated this way. the video is getting national
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sending by the teacher. they held a news conference to condemn the times and offer support for the teacher who's they say is a model teacher. >> we are all human. we all have emotions. i am not going to throw charlotte under the bus. she has helped hundreds of children thrive and be successful. >> she would not speak at the news conference to a group of parents in the process of suing success academy saying that student intimidation is part of the recent. >> senator ted cruz has pulled a recent campaign act at after learning that an actress featured in the ad used to work in adult films. the campaign says that amy lindsay had responded to an open casting call and the production company did not properly that her.
1:46 am
disappointed in the decision. >> i've gotten a lot of support on the right for people who think that ted crews campaign might have acted inappropriately or hastily. this is also the kind of person that might be a voting in this race. it's not just the white male christian gun tony people. it's people like me that tend to be very fiscally conservative and maybe illiterate more socially liberal. >> one of the actresses who is there, had a more colorful film history than we were aware. >> she's also appeared in mainstream productions like a 2001 episode of star trek voyager. >> a missing person case in canada has been solved. this is the poster that circulated three decades a row when a 21 -year-old went missing
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police believe he suffered a head injury soon after leaving the facility and was robbed of his memory you lived under a different identity for decades but more recently started experiencing flashbacks and reread the name. a social worker checked and found he was the man missing since the mid- 80s and a dna tests confirmed his identity. >> if feeling case i know of what we have been able to find someone missing for this. of time. faithfully safe is now in shock and thrilled by the news and they plan to reunite with him very soon. >> living in the past could have you shelling more money in the future. >> wiry setting the date on your apple device could possibly
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check experts have a message for apple users. >> when it comes to your iphone or ipad. don't live in the passage a bug in the studies could permanently crash or phobic seller recently discovered that you set the date on your phone back to the earliest setting possible january 11970 and empower the phone off, and then on again you will be stuck with a greeting screen. do not try this at home because experts say it will ruin your phone forever. not sure why anybody would want to set their phone back to 1970 but the bug first appeared on a read it for him yesterday
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lebron james will be in uniform on sunday at the nba all-star game. he is one mvp of that game twice for he says he's excited to be on the same floor as a legendary kobe bryant who will play his final all-star game. james recalls as a high-scoring scene michael jordan played his final all-star game. >> is unfortunate that we only have one but we will see what happens. our guys just have to use it as motivation. i will try to use it as motivation as well. >> the all-star game on sunday night shakeel o'neil headlining
1:51 am
basketball hall of fame. kevin johnson and the sun is hoping to-we may be seeing you later this summer. you never know. >> that springfield as in the hall of fame. jamie berger of the wildcats gets to go then the big man that is mark pettit at the other end. and he connects right there for
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four ignatius was this 191-82. according to a state budget deficit, the governor wants a series of tax increases to get in the black and he's protected he's threatened potentially no lsu football. it will obviously never come that because if you're governor and you kill the ball in louisiana you are then former governor real fast. >> for me in a very crowded mix for the bowl. according to some reports ohio state running back has no transfer to akron. this is just his 41 career carries for the buckeyes. he was a backup in that program. >> we will end up at 5 degrees tonight and the lake effect will
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bit. >> at any rate, we will see that continue tomorrow. maybe not the dancing but the high of ten. >> morning show crew will be
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